The Healthcare Consortium

“At the Healthcare Consortium, we like to say that we are 'never the wrong door' — we can always help." — Claire Parde, Executive Director

Since 1998, the Healthcare Consortium has been working to improve access to healthcare and to support the health and well-being of the residents in its rural community, especially those with limited resources, the uninsured, and vulnerable populations such as the elderly and disabled. While the Consortium does not provide healthcare services directly, it does serve as a partner in health, helping people to get and stay healthy by addressing common barriers to accessing both health and human services.

During 2019 the Consortium requested and received a general operating support grant from the Dyson Foundation, which helped with the implementation of two important programs.

The Helpers for Health Project utilizes trained community health workers, called “Helpers,” who work directly with low-income individuals and families to ensure they have access to and participate in regular and routine healthcare. The Helpers may connect people with care providers, educate them about health insurance, and/or arrange for transportation to medical appointments – but just as importantly, Helpers become a caring, encouraging, and trusting presence for people who may have had infrequent or negative interactions with the healthcare system.

The Prescription Access and Referral Program helps individuals and families to access and pay for necessary prescription medications. While the program provides assistance to residents of all ages and abilities in Columbia, Greene, and northern Dutchess counties, it is often the elderly and disabled who have the greatest needs and least resources. With this program, these individuals can obtain critical medications they might otherwise go without.

Support for the Consortium reflects the Dyson Foundation’s commitment to supporting quality healthcare for all Mid-Hudson Valley residents and falls within the Health funding theme.