"At RUPCO we believe that building homes also means building strong communities. Those communities take many forms, from neighborhoods of historic row houses in Newburgh to artist housing in a restored factory building in Kingston to much needed affordable homes for seniors. With every project RUPCO works to create places where people can feel connected and at home. We could not accomplish this mission without the support from partners and the people in these communities." — Christopher J. Marx, RUPCO Board Chairman

There is a proven connection between the creation of stable housing and positive impacts on jobs, education, health, the economy, public safety, and other facets of community. The housing organization RUPCO uses this as the basis for its mission of creating homes, supporting people, and improving communities. Based in Kingston (Ulster County), it serves a broader geography from additional offices in Orange and Greene counties.

RUPCO creates and maintains quality housing and rental opportunities. It builds, renovates, and manages mixed-income and affordable rental apartments, with a focus on people with low and very low incomes, seniors, and those in need of support services. RUPCO offers education, financial resources, and other supports to first-time homebuyers. It also helps low-income and senior homeowners to remain in their homes by providing financial support to make essential repairs or accessibility modifications. And, it administers Federal rental assistance to very low-income households in Ulster and Greene counties, as well as to people with HIV/AIDS.

Along with housing, RUPCO helps people to improve their living standards through case management, education, employment training, and financial services. It fosters community development and revitalization through innovative commercial and mixed-use developments like Energy Square, and live/work spaces like Kingston’s Lace Mill. And ultimately, through all of its work, helps create an understanding that affordable housing is fundamental to individuals, families, and communities.

In 2018, the Dyson Foundation provided general operating support to RUPCO, which falls within the Economic Vitality, Safety Net, and Strengthening Nonprofit themes.