Project Budget Form

Use this form to submit information about your project's budget.  You may download it ibelow in Microsoft Excel format. If you are unable to use the Excel version, please contact us for a writable PDF.  

This form should be submitted with applications for project support funding including management assistance. General operating support applicants should not complete this form.  

If you already prepare a project or program budget that approximates this format, you may submit that instead of this form.  This form may be used for single-year and multi-year requests.

On the third page of the form, please give a brief narrative description of all items listed in the income and expense columns.  

For all income items, please indicate in the narrative if these funds have been received, have been pledged but not received, or are funds that the organization is hoping to receive.  

For all expense items, indicate if the expense is a direct cost or an indirect cost and the formula used to calculate the specific expense.  

Direct costs are expenses that are specifically attributable to the project or program. Examples of direct costs are salaries for program staff or rent for space for program activities.  

Indirect costs are those expenses that are not directly attributable to a specific program. Such costs are often shared among programs and include those costs that are necessary to the overall functioning of an organization.  Examples include: bookkeeping and accounting functions, rent and utilities for administrative offices, insurance, and technology, among many others. The Dyson Foundation will consider funding indirect costs, generally up to 15% of the grant request.  Please include a statement of the method used to allocate indirect costs to particular projects.  Organizations with operating budgets larger than $15 million cannot include indirect costs in the project grant request.  

Click here for a further definition of direct and indirect costs along with other examples of both.

In general, in-kind or donated items should not be included on the project budget, unless their specific value AND source can be clearly identified.  Staff time should only be listed as in-kind if it is voluntary or donated time provided by someone who is not employed by the organization or if, in the case of hourly employees, work is performed outside their normal work hours for no pay.  Under no circumstances can work performed by an executive director be considered in-kind.  All significant in-kind or donated items or services associated with the project should be described in the budget narrative.

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Project Budget Form
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