2016 Year In Review

Major Funding Themes

Strengthening Nonprofits

Fortifying nonprofit effectiveness and capacity with management, strategic, and operating support

How this applied to
Family of Woodstock»
Mill Street Loft • Spark Media Project»

Health & Safety Net

Ensuring access to quality healthcare and human services for Hudson Valley residents

How this applied to
Planned Parenthood of the
Mid-Hudson Valley»

CoveCare Center»
Safe Homes of Orange County»

Economic Vitality

Energizing the Hudson Valley’s economic health through revitalization and innovation

How this applied to
MASS Design Group»

Enhancing Education

Providing youth and future generations with opportunities and knowledge

How this applied to
Kite’s Nest»
Literacy Connections of the
Hudson Valley»

Public Policy

Influencing development of public policy to benefit those in need

How this applied to