New York State Census Equity Fund

The Dyson Foundation is proud to be a partner in the New York State Census Equity Fund (NYSCEF), a coalition of funders from across the state working to ensure an accurate census count in 2020. Many people don’t realize, but historically certain populations – especially communities of color, low-income households, immigrants, rural households, and young children – have tended to be undercounted. An accurate count during 2020 is incredibly important because it will form the basis for distribution of federal resources and fair representation in government over the next 10 years.

It is of particular concern that the 2020 census may present greater challenges than ever in obtaining an accurate count. This will be the first time that the data will be collected primarily online, making it difficult for those without internet access to participate. Additionally, given the current political climate, undocumented immigrants fearing deportation may be reluctant to make themselves heard.

In its second round of grants, NYSCEF awarded $1.4 million to community organizations across the state, including seven organizations right here in the Hudson Valley. To read more, click here to see the full press release.