Management Assistance Program Mini-Grant - Training


The Mini-Grant Report form is available through the online Grants Portal, and we strongly encourage grantees to complete and submit their reporting requirements there.  Simply log in to the Grants Portal using the ID and password you created when you submitted your application.  Select the “Requirements” tab and you will find a link to the appropriate form as well as instructions for submitting attachments.

If you did not submit your application via the Grants Portal, or if you do not yet have an account, you can still complete and submit your reports through the Portal.  Please contact us for assistance.

Alternatively, grantees may download the Training Mini-Grant Report form below in writable PDF or Microsoft Word formats.  Please choose one of the following methods for submitting a completed Word or PDF report.  Please do not use more than one method.            



Dyson Foundation
25 Halcyon Road
Millbrook, NY 12545

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Mini-Grant Report Form - Training Grant (55.3K)
[download] Adobe PDF

Mini-Grant Report Form - Training Grant (79.5K)
[download] Microsoft Word

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