Mental Health Association of Columbia-Greene Counties

The Mental Health Association of Columbia-Greene Counties (MHACG) provides services for children, adults, families, and people with mental illness. One of its many programs is the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood, which works with parents, children, and schools to improve academic achievement, strengthen parental engagement, promote well-being, develop youth leadership, and establish safe, healthy environments.

Renewed Dyson Foundation funding in 2015 for the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood supported a range of “cradle to college to career” programs, including a program that organizes events and outings for fathers and their children, and a free program for expectant and new parents addressing topics such as child development, nutrition, health, and safety. It also offers an after-school homework help program and coordinates a network of Hudson’s out-of-school time providers. The Promise Neighborhood works with local colleges, businesses, and county agencies on many child-centered community-building activities and it has recently taken a leadership role in developing supports for children of incarcerated parents.

Dyson Foundation program grants to the MHAGC’s Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood under the Health & Safety Net funding theme demonstrate the Foundation’s desire to address community needs and child well-being and growth through parental education, support, and early intervention.