Letter of Inquiry

If you wish to apply for a new or renewal grant, the first step is to submit a letter of inquiry. You may download a writable PDF or Microsoft Word version of the form below.

We suggest you take our online eligibility questionnaire and review our general funding guidelines before doing this to ensure eligibility.

The Dyson Foundation encourages applicants to use reasonable means of conserving natural resources in the production of grant applications. This may include measures such as: printing on recycled paper, eliminating unnecessary pages, using double-sided printing, emailing documents instead of mailing them, using regular postal mail instead of express services, and not using binders or other packaging.

Please choose one of the following methods for submitting a completed application. Please do not use more than one method.



Dyson Foundation
25 Halcyon Road
Millbrook, NY 12545

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Letter of Inquiry (227 K)
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Letter of Inquiry (170.5 K)
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