Hudson River Housing

"At Hudson River Housing we believe that housing is a basic human right, and we are honored to provide and advocate for this right each and every day. Stable, affordable housing is the foundation from which we all prosper, and how our communities will prosper in the future. We will not stop our work until every individual and every family has the affordable housing they need to live with dignity." — Christa Hines, Executive Director

Hudson River Housing (HRH) is dedicated to improving lives and the community through its work on issues of affordable housing and homelessness. HRH tackles basic needs by making available emergency, transitional, and permanent housing for low-income and homeless individuals and families. HRH also offers educational and advocacy programs that empower people to increase their skills and to gain more confidence and influence over their lives and their futures. Additionally, HRH works with residents and businesses to strengthen their neighborhoods and communities. This broad approach ensures that more individuals and families successfully establish and maintain long-term housing solutions.

In 2019, the Dyson Foundation provided a multi-year general operating support grant to HRH to support the ongoing work of the organization and to grow their influence within the region. The organization’s 2020 goals include ongoing community education surrounding the importance of affordable housing, a reduction in vacant and abandoned properties, and the development of 300 additional affordable housing units.

Hudson River Housing also received a Dyson Foundation Management Assistance Program grant during 2019 to support the efforts of its Ambassador Team. The Ambassador Team’s mission is to represent the organization out in the community by sharing information about the good work they do, educating donors about needs and opportunities, and generally connecting with stakeholders. This grant allowed for Ambassadors to receive training on how to clarify a case for support, as well as communications tools and tips for effectively and comfortably delivering that message to stakeholders.

The Dyson Foundation’s support of Hudson River Housing is an example of the Foundation’s commitment to ensuring people’s basic needs are met, and to building strong communities. Funding to this organization spans the Safety Net, Economic Vitality, and Strengthening Nonprofits themes.