Green Chimneys 

“Green Chimneys’ Community Outreach Center has served at-risk Putnam County youth for over 20 years. We continue to thrive and evolve thanks to the support from families, dedicated providers, and schools who are committed to having a safe place for youth to socialize and grow.” — Edward W. Placke. Executive Director

Founded in 1947, Green Chimneys Children Services provides educational activities for children with special needs, programming for the general public, and animal-assisted therapy. Offering both day and residential programs, the organization provides a non-traditional, innovative, nature-based learning environment that empowers children to realize their maximum potential.

One of Green Chimneys’ offerings is its Community Outreach Center, which provides Putnam County youth a safe, nurturing space where they can gather to form social connections, gain acceptance, and grow in confidence. The Center is open during evening, weekend, and summer hours to offer homework help, volunteer opportunities, and time spent with peers and supportive adults. When needed, youth can also receive counseling and crisis intervention, and participate in a variety of psycho-educational groups. The Center also coordinates education and support for parents. Through partnerships with other social service programs and organizations – such as Green Chimneys’ Arbor House Emergency Shelter, the Putnam County Department of Social Services, and the Putnam County Youth Bureau – the Community Outreach Center is connected to an expansive network of intervention and support services for youth and their families.

During 2019, the Dyson Foundation provided continued funding for this critical program, which falls within our Safety Net funding theme.