How to Apply

  1. Learn about Dyson Foundation funding.
  2. Apply for funding by completing a letter of inquiry form through our online Grants Portal

If you would like to talk with a Foundation program officer before submitting your letter of inquiry form, please feel free to call. However, our experience is that we can have more informed and helpful conversations after an initial letter of inquiry has been reviewed.

If the letter of inquiry fits within the Dyson Foundation current interests, Dyson Foundation staff will invite a proposal. At the time of submission of the full proposal, the organization will also submit a series of documents, such as: organizational budget with budget narrative, project budget with budget narrative (if appropriate), audited financial statements, current financial statements, and our diversity form. Foundation staff will work closely with applicants on developing proposals and related materials. 

The Dyson Foundation board and staff evaluate inquiries and proposals on the following criteria:

  • closeness of fit with the Foundation's program priorities and values
  • significance of the need to be addressed
  • potential to achieve significant and enduring results
  • capacity of the applicant to accomplish its goals and objectives
  • appropriateness of the budget

During the review, representatives of the Foundation might hold site visits and meetings with the applicants staff, board, or volunteers. The time required to review a proposal varies according to the proposal itself, the issue areas, and the number of proposals in review. It can take six months from the time a letter of inquiry is submitted to the awarding of a grant. The directors of the Dyson Foundation meet quarterly, at which time they consider funding recommendations. There are no pre-set deadlines for submission of materials with the exception of after-school and summer programs.