CoveCare Center

“One in four or five Americans in any given year will suffer from mental health issues, substance abuse, or social or emotional issues.”  – Debbie Levin, Director of Development, CoveCare Center

CoveCare Center (formally known as Putnam Family and Community Services) is the only nonprofit, multi-service mental health and substance use outpatient treatment agency in Putnam County.

“We help hundreds of people on a weekly basis,” says Levin. In 2016, CoveCare programs reached over 7,000 people in Putnam County and surrounding areas.

The organization currently offers over 20 programs and services including mental health treatment, substance use treatment and prevention, care management/care coordination, family advocacy, community outreach, personalized recovery oriented services, and medication management. Services are offered on a sliding scale so that they are accessible to everyone.

They also serve as the children’s crisis response center for the county.

“For any child in a critical situation, where they are a danger to themselves or others, we will do an evaluation to identify what services they need. We don’t get reimbursed for this, but we don’t turn anyone away,” says Levin.

Originally a county-run agency established in 1958 under the name Putnam Family & Community Services, CoveCare Center, in 2017, celebrated its 20th anniversary since reorganizing as a 501(c)3. 

“We want to be sure that the people who need us know we’re here,” says Levin. That was a driving factor in the organization’s decision to rebrand itself. “The original name didn’t communicate what we do. We sounded like a government agency.”

The rebranding will help in creating a more welcoming environment for the people served, and in raising the organization’s profile among clients, donors, and the broader community.

The Dyson Foundation believes that mental health and substance use prevention and treatment are core components of the human services landscape. Grants to CoveCare Center include a multi-year grant for general operations and a mini-grant for marketing and communications planning, which supported the rebranding effort. These grants support both the Health & Safety Net and the Strengthening Nonprofits themes.