2020 Year In Review: Grants Distribution

2020 was an extraordinary year, with a deadly global pandemic being just one of several social and economic upheavals that challenged the status quo in nearly every way. The Dyson Foundation’s response to the impacts of the pandemic on communities in the Mid-Hudson Valley and the local nonprofit sector was multi-faceted. We deployed targeted COVID-19 community response grant funds to support safety net services to our communities, maintained our grantmaking with a discerning view of how the pandemic impacted nonprofits’ ability to provide programs and serve their mission, increased our cash flow loan pool, released grant restrictions where needed and minimized grant requirements, collected data on the challenges regional nonprofits were confronting, provided grant funds to NYCON to increase access to critical technical assistance, and helped lead a collaborative effort to create the Hudson Valley Funders Network to support regional nonprofits and our communities through the pandemic. This Year in Review shares some of our work.

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COVID Related Grants $1.2M / 53 Grants

COVID-Related Grants


Total Support $9.3M / 292 Grants

Total Support by Type of Support


Total Support by Issue Area


Mid-Hudson Valley $5.6M / 177 Grants

Mid-Hudson Valley by Type of Support


Mid-Hudson Valley by Issue Area


Management Technical Assistance by Issue Area


Mid-Hudson Valley Strategic Restructuring Support


Geographic Area


Family & Legacy Interest $3.5M / 63 Grants

Family & Legacy by Type of Support


Family & Legacy by Issue Area


Directors' Discretionary $200K / 29 Grants

Directors' Discretionary by Type of Support


Directors' Discretionary by Issue Area


Support of Philanthropy and Other $59K / 23 Grants

Support of Philanthropy by Type of Support