2011 Dyson Foundation Funding Guideline Changes

As we begin a new year, the Dyson Foundation's grantmaking focus will continue to be on programs and organizations that provide core health care services, human services, safety-net programs (housing, food security, and emergency assistance), employment and workforce development, and after-school programs for low-income children and youth.

Beginning in 2011, we will also make limited grants to Mid-Hudson Valley-based arts organizations or projects that provide management support or training to other arts organizations, and to arts organizations or projects that can demonstrate the potential to increase local tourism and employment and/or other local economic development as a result of their effort.

As since 2008, no new projects or general operating grants will be made to environmental organizations or projects, and no grants will be awarded for historical preservation.  However, organizations in all fields are eligible to apply for funding from our Management Assistance Program and Strategic Restructuring Initiative.