Dyson Foundation grantmaking is guided broadly by our General Funding Guidelines and by the guidelines of each of our four grants programs:

Mid-Hudson Valley Program

Grant support to nonprofit organizations in the Mid-Hudson Valley that impact the lives of the region's residents, most importantly those who are economically disadvantaged. Programs are available for project support, unrestricted general operating support, and for enhancing institutional management. Learn more»

Legacy & Family Interest Program

This program awards grants to organizations or toward issues that are of particular interest to Dyson family board members. Learn more»

Directors' Discretionary Program

Members of the Board of Directors and Officers have the opportunity to direct grant funding to eligible nonprofit organizations of their choosing. Learn more»

Support of Philanthropy

The Foundation makes a limited number of grants to support nonprofit organizations that work to encourage philanthropic endeavors, educate the public on the importance of charitable giving, and provide services to philanthropic organizations and individuals. Search grants including Support of Philanthropy grants»