Funding Restrictions For Faith-Based Organizations or Programs

The Dyson Foundation will generally not fund faith-based organizations or institutions for activities and/or programs of religious teaching or training such as religious services or bible study.  In addition, the Dyson Foundation will generally not consider management assistance mini-grant applications or general operating support requests from faith-based organizations.  However, the Foundation will consider grants for community-based service programs that meet certain criteria, including: services must be available to all regardless of their religion or belief in God and must not be rooted in a particular religious doctrine or belief system; there is a formal structure for provision of services (e.g., mission, staff, program policies and procedures); services go beyond religious charitable work to include activities that make a real impact on the lives of people living in their communities; and the organization or institution agrees to abide by the Dyson Foundation's policy on nondiscrimination.

These guidelines apply to faith-based organizations located in any of the six counties of the Mid-Hudson Valley that the Foundation funds.